Weekly Headlines from My Favorite Sites 1/1-1/5


The Blaze:  $2 bet leads to Swating indecent that gets an innocent person Killed.


Star Wars News Net:  John Williams to Write Theme for Solo a Star Wars Story


MCU Exchange:  Official Avengers Infinity War Still Released


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New Bumblebee Image show’s Hailey Stienfeld with her Yellow Beatle Buddy!!!



We all remember when Micheal Bay did Transformers and the First Movie was Real Good and then he Milked The Franchise with every thing he wanted. hot girls, action, and Explosions. well Now Bumble Bee a huge Character in Transformers is getting his own spinoff film, and the only involvement Micheal Bay has is Producing. We will see what happens but a picture from the Movie has hit the Net.

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An all Female MCU team up, can it work?

With the push for an all female MCU team up film being pushed and especially with Karen Gillan who plays Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, Recently Mentioning it.

you Have to Ask is now the right time for a MCU all female hero team up Film?

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weekly Headlines from my Favorite Sites 12/26-12/29



The Blaze: Bitcoin Rebounds


Star Wars News Net:   Last Jedi Deleted Scenes For Blu-ray may have been revealed 


MCU Exchange :  Daredevil season 3 will have Kingpin & Daredevil Scenes Fans Have been Requesting


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I’ve been Schmoe’d Down: The Schmoedown Spectacular 2


Before We begin let me explain what I’ve Been Schmoe’d Down is.

I’ve Been Schmoe’d down is A blog Post series here on Rayjay’s World where I Embed episodes of Collider’s Movie Trivia Schmoedown, and give my analysis on Said Matches, Like what most Wristling Blogs Do for Wrestling. If you are Wondering what the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is its like Wrestling Like Promo’s with Movie Trivia Created By Kristian Harloff. I will Start with Blog Post’s But add a podcast, and Reaction Videos Later once I get this Posting Series off the Ground. So With out Further ado, here is my Embed of Schmoedown Spectacular 2, with my Analysis. Continue reading

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What’s up with all the Dislike Towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi?





As shown above not many Star Wars Fans are happy with how The Last Jedi came out to Be. Here is a List of the Gripes that I have heard About the last Jedi and my Feelings about said Gripes. (warning Spoilers ahead)

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Review of Star Wars The Last Jedi (Spoiler Warning).

Warning Spoilers. If you have not Seen the last Jedi turn back now, and don’t read this Until you have seen the Movie!!!!

Well here are my initial thoughts on the Last Jedi. It is a real good movie it does has a few Problems in Some places but I loved it. Also unlike Force Awakens it Embraces the Prequels a little, and that’s Good for Prequel fans. Continue reading

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