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“Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Warriors of Wakanda” watch the Video to see the action Packed Character Star Wars Force Awakens, and last Jedi Star Lupita Nyango is playing.


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The Social Justice Warrior Attack on Rebel force radio continues. Hey I thought Star Wars Fandom was United?

  Let me Begin on where this all Started. in 2016 During the release of Star Wars Rogue one, There was a Press Junket where a Journalist asked about Females Directing Star Wars, and the Journalist Harassed Kathy Kennedy about … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Was Kylo Lying about Rey’s Parents?

    (Spoiler Warning if you have not seen last Jedi why are you reading this?)   CinemaBlend put an article out asking if Rey was lied to. Well after the Jump hear my thoughts.

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What’s up with all the Dislike Towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

    It would be very interesting if you wrote YOUR version of the movie and showed it to all the fans. It’s always easier to sit on the sidelines and complain. Please get in the weeds with Rian before … Continue reading

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Review of Star Wars The Last Jedi (Spoiler Warning).

Warning Spoilers. If you have not Seen the last Jedi turn back now, and don’t read this Until you have seen the Movie!!!! Well here are my initial thoughts on the Last Jedi. It is a real good movie it … Continue reading

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