This Fall Star Wars Comes back to Disney XD with Star Wars Resistance.

This Announcement proves Dave Filoni Keeps his Promises

Next fall the new Filoni Star Wars Animated Project Star Wars Resistance will come to Disney XD. Just like Rebels took Place Before a new hope, Resistance will take a page from the same playbook Taking Place Before Force Awakens. Oscar Issac, and Gwendolyn Christie are said to do small cameos in the show Voicing there Characters. I hope, Andy Serkis, and Adam Driver Show up too.

After we heard Rebels was to end we knew Filoni was going to be back with another Star Wars show. We did not think it would be this quick. I think Resistance was being Developed before the last Episode of Rebels aired.

Check out Star Wars Resistance as it Premieres this fall on Disney XD.

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