RWO: Review & Thoughts on WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble from Saudi Arabia.


Yeah it was A WWE pay per view that went live in the Middle of the day here in the States but it worked for what it was. I know this was an all male Wrestler PPV (I will address that in this post). But it was a Major show for WWE.

this pay per view worked for what it was. yes the Women evolution was all but not existent in this Show. that is because Saudi Arabia still has strict laws about Women. People were going to Boycott this Event but I say what is the point.


yes Charlotte, Becky, Carmella, or Bayley were not there but the show was still fun. I will put out a Rayjay’s Opinion post about the WWE keeping up with the times. yes this show was put on with Saudi money. but Vince not Taking it says we don’t want fans in the Middle East until they act like the US.


The Cage Match Between Roman and Brock Roman was Robbed. Romans feet landed on the ground first.  the hash #jeddahscrewjob became a trend on Twitter.









and after a Royal rumble flub by Titus O’niel that felt like the ShockMaster entrance on WCW. Braun strowman won the greatest royal rumble.













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