Cord Cutting Tips: Video Streaming hardware

We all know how it is, you have yourself connected to Cable to Watch the Walking Dead, or Game of Thrones, then you look at your Cable Bill, you find out you have to Pay $150 or more to watch your Favorite Show. You can Cut the Cord and only pay $115. The only thing is you need a Streaming device to do it. Will Rayjay’s World Is here to help.

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Weekly Headlines from my Favorite Sites 1/15-1/19

Yes Margaret: Facebook changes it news feed system again.

Cord Cutters news: Silicon Dust to Release HD Homerun Device to better compete with Nuvyyo’s Tablo.

Star Wars News net: Last Jedi 4k Blu-ray steel book set to include 2 hrs of deleted scenes

MCU Exchange: There will be more characters than cap, buckey, falcon, hulk, black Widow, and black Panther, that Wakanda siege scene in Avengers Infinity war

The Blaze: Sarah Huckabee has proof a wall street journal story on Trump is fake news

Liberty Viral: Twitter repremands Japanese user for Killing a Mosquito.

Liberty Hangout: Communist Leftist Leaker runs for Senate.

You can read these Stories and more on my Links page.

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“Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Warriors of Wakanda” watch the Video to see the action Packed Character Star Wars Force Awakens, and last Jedi Star Lupita Nyango is playing.


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Marvel fans get ready, Scarlett Johansson’s MCU Black Widow getting her own film!!!!

We all know Marvel fan’s have been Demanding for a Black Widow Solo film for a while now. Continue reading

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Weekly Headlines from my Favorite sites: 1/8-1/12

The Blaze: Judge orders antifa Teacher to Pay Conservative student thousands of Dollars

Star Wars News Net: Donald Glover talks about working on Solo a Star Wars story.

MCU Exchange: Chris Hemsworth wants to do more Thor after Avengers 4

Liberty Viral: Kansas won’t let Politians Accept Bitcoin Donations

Liberty Hangout: Tax happy Communist Bernie Sanders calls Trump a pathological Liar

Yes Margaret: Joy Villa’s husband Photographed Bill Clinton (this may be a nothing Burger).

You can read this and more on my Links Page.

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The Social Justice Warrior Attack on Rebel force radio continues. Hey I thought Star Wars Fandom was United?

the above picture is showing how Star Wars fandom is right now.


Let me Begin on where this all Started. in 2016 During the release of Star Wars Rogue one, There was a Press Junket where a Journalist asked about Females Directing Star Wars, and the Journalist Harassed Kathy Kennedy about it. Well Rebel Force Radio addressed this and People Like Jason Ward from Making Star Wars attacked Rebel Force Radio over it. RFR appologized. But Ward and his Social Justice Warrior Buddies are still Scrutinizing Rebel Force Radio. Jason Ward Also attacked Star Wars News Net saying they are a Hype Machine. Well The Star Wars Social Justice Warriors are at it again.

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2018 U.S. Senate race (Utah), the #NeverTrump return with Mitt Romney and Why I have Decided to Back the Libertarian Craig Bowden.

Orrin Hatch has Decided he wants to Retire from the US senate this has left an opening in the Utah Senate race.

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Twitter Trends rayjay’s World is covering today 1/3/2018

This is today’s Twitter Trends.


Thomas S. Monson Leader of the LDS Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Dead at 90 years old.

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Star Wars: Was Kylo Lying about Rey’s Parents?



(Spoiler Warning if you have not seen last Jedi why are you reading this?)


CinemaBlend put an article out asking if Rey was lied to. Well after the Jump hear my thoughts.

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My thoughts on the Logan Paul DeadBody on YouTube Situation.

Well another YouTuber got himself in Trouble. First it was Pewdiepie over some anti-Sementic content in his Videos, which made his MCN Partner Maker Drop him. Now Logan Paul has gotten himself in trouble posting a Video of a dead body of a Suicide Victim in Japan’s Suicide Forrest.

Before I tell you My Thoughts here is Matt Jarbo’s Thoughts Im with Matt on this that this may have been Staged.

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